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2013 Berries/ Grapes/ Melons


– mid-season, high quality fruit with good sub-acid flavor
Chandler – mid-late season, large production, delicious flavor
Earliblue – early season, large, firm, light blue, sweet mild flavor
Jersey – late season, heavy produced of small-medium size dark blue fruit

HL, oval fruits, 8-9” long, sweet orange flesh, juicy
Athena – early maturing variety, firm sweet orange flesh and good yields
Emerald GemHL, dark green skin, dark orange flesh, delicious flavor


Crandall Black – clusters of large black fruit with sweet tart flavor, very productive
Primus White – compact bush, long fruit clusters, high yield, rich & sweet flavor


– 2-4’ shrub, pale green fruit turns pink when ripe, very productive


Cabernet Sauvignon
– loose, medium-sized purple-black clusters, lots of seeds
Canadice Seedless – small bundles of reddish fruit, spicy cinnamon flavor
Chardonnay – small, round berries in small clusters, used for dry white wine
Concord – big clusters of large dark blue grapes
Early Muscat – rich, fruity, sweet flavor for sweet dessert wine
Emerald Seedless – good green table grape, foxy flavor
Himrod Seedless – large loose clusters green fruit, crisp sweet flavor
Glenora Seedless – black, medium-sized, thin skin, sweet & spicy flavor
Pinot Gris – small to medium blue-gray berry in compact clusters, complex flavor
Pinot Noir – small compact clusters of dark blue fruit
Remaily Seedless – white seedless variety, good texture, sweet flesh
Interlaken Seedless – light fruity flavor, ripens to yellow color
Suffolk Red Seedless – large loose clusters of red fruit, firm, spicy sweet flavor
Worden – blue-black variety, similar to Concord, but pointed ends, sweet & early


– honey sweetness and aroma, salmon colored flesh
Delice de la TableHL, ribbed fruits with sweet orange flesh
Hearts of GoldHL, 2-3 Lb. fruit, firm, juicy, excellent flavor, aromatic


Fall Gold
– everbearing, yellow, medium-sized soft fruit, 2nd crop in Fall
Meeker – large, thimble shaped, sweet dark red fruit, very productive, spring crop

Meeker – large, thimble shaped, sweet dark red fruit, very productive, spring crop


Crimson Red
– bright red tender stalks, good balance of seet & tart


– Everbearing variety, sweet flavor
Totem – Early, firm, conical, best of the freezing varieties
Tristar – Everbearing, large fruit has excellent flavor


Blacktail Mountain
– Developed in Idaho for short seasons, sweet, juicy, scarlet flesh
Moon & StarsHL, dark rind with yellow spots/stars, dark pink flesh
Quetzali – very sweet, almost seedless red flesh

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