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2017 Tomato List 


Amish Paste – I- M.  Bright red 8oz. fruits, canning type, Excellent for slicing fresh, not too acidic.

Better Boy -  I- M. Plump, juicy, deep red, very large. Produces full season. 

Big Zac – I-M. Record-breaking up to 5 lbs.; meaty and delicious.

Celebrity – D-M. Excellent large, 7-8oz. globe-shaped red tomato for slicing.

Early Girl – I-E. Early slicing tomato, high yields of 4-6 oz. slightly flattened fruit.

Genuwine – I L. Recent, 2-week-earlier cross of Costoluto Genovese and original Brandywine.

Goliath – I-M. Bright red, deep oblate, 10-15oz., sweet flavor; vigorous plant. 

Italian Heirloom – I-M. Large 1 lb. fruit, easy to peel, ideal for canning or fresh eating.

Momotaro – I-M. Famous early tomato from Japan where it is top rated for flavor, 7 oz. fruit. EARLY

Moskvich – I-E. Deep red fruit, smooth texture, rich taste, average 4-6 oz., globe shaped. EARLY

Mortgage Lifter – I -L. 2-4 lbs, few seeds, the perfect tomato-sandwich tomato.

Red Brandywine – I-M  Scarlet-red, sister to the Brandywine, with the same incredible flavor.

Roma – D-M Paste-type, perfect for sauces. Bright red pear-shape, meaty, few seeds.

San Marzano – I-M. Excellent flavor, slightly rectangular, bright red, clusters, great canner.

Shorty Allen – I-L. Large red fruit, up to 1 lb., excellent flavor, very prolific.

Silvery Fir Tree – D-E. Prolific only 2’ tall plant from Russia; best container tomato we know. EARLY 

Stupice – I-E. Very early, cold tolerant, superior flavor, 1-2oz fruits, very sweet. EARLY 



Ananas Noir – I-L. Dark purple fruit, green shoulders; sweet, smoky flavor.

Black From Tula – I-L. Deep mahogany-brown beefsteak with rich, sweet flavor, 8-12oz.

Black Krim – I-M. Dark red (almost black) with green shoulders. Interior is a deep, reddish-green.

Black Plum – I-M. Small elongated-oval fruit, deep mahogany, sweet & fruity.

Brandy Boy – I-L Bred from Brandywine taste with better yields a little earlier.

Brandywine, Sudduth’s – I-L. Large pink beefsteak can weigh up to 2 lbs. Incredible flavor. 

Chef’s Choice Pink-I-L. 1 lb, round pink, meaty, perfect acid to sugar ratio, heavier producer.

Cherokee Purple – I-L. Medium pink-purple (brown) fruits avg. 8-12 oz., are round to oblate.

Rose de Berne – I. M. Sweet, dark pink globes have a bit of a zip to their great flavor; Swiss Heirloom.

Tiffen Mennonite – I-L. Large, dark-pink fruit, 4 inches across, firm with outstanding flavor.



Chef’s Choice Orange-I-L.Neon Orange, 9-12 oz fruit, flattened globe shape, developed from Amana Orange.

Jaune Flamme – I-M. Apricot colored, 4oz., fruity flavor; old French Heirloom.

Lemon Boy – I-M. Lemon yellow, 6-8oz., mild flavor, best producing yellow tomato for NW.

Miss Lillian’s Yellow – I-M. Medium but lush, sweet fruit with thin skin.

Nebraska Wedding – D-M. 4” round, glowing orange color, well balanced flavor.

Old German – I-L. Huge, 1-1/2 to 2 lbs., golden-yellow with red stripes, boat shape.

Pineapple – I-L. Yellow-red striped beefsteak fruits, mild flavor and no green shoulders.

Pineapple Pig – I-L. Even sweeter and lower acid than original Pineapple, and more fruit.

Yellow Brandywine -  I-L. Rich, delicious flavor, 1-2 lb. fruit, smoother shape.



Chef’s Choice Green – I-L. Tangy, sweet flavor and unusual bright yellow/green; 6-7” diameter and 9 ounces.

Great White – I-L. Large white fruit  with sweet flavor and lots of juice.

Green Zebra – D-M. Green with light stripes, small fruits have sweet, zippy flavor, from Tom Wagner.



Green Grape – I-E. Small green fruit, very juicy and flavorful.

Indigo Kumquat - I-E. Very sweet with a surprising tart kick of acidity, orange fruit with indigo shoulders..

Juliet – I-E Elongated fruit in grape-like clusters, red crack-resistant skin, sweet flavor.

Matt’s Wild – I-E. Small deep red round fruits, sweet, full flavor makes great salsa.

Riesentraub – I. E.  Excellent German heirloom grape tomato.

Suncherry – I-E. Grape-like trusses of very sweet red fruit.

Sungold – I-E. Exceptionally sweet, tropical flavored orange fruits, vigorous plants. 

Super Sweet 100 – I-E. Long strands of sweet-flavored red fruits. Bears heavily, needs staking..

Yellow Pear – I-E. Sweet, yellow, 1 oz. pear-shaped fruit.


I=Indeterminate; D=Determinate; E= Early Maturing; M= Mid-season; L=Later part of season