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2013 Vegetable Starts

HL – Heirloom variety

Imperial Star
P, 4’ Ht., standard green variety, typically 6-8 mature buds
RomanescoP, 5-6’ Ht., large, violet, tender fruits, gray-silver leaves
Romagna ItalianP, 5-6’ Ht., medium-sized violet heads

Blue Lake Bush
– pods average 6” long, very high yields
Kentucky Wonder Pole – heavy producer of round thick meaty pods
Maxibel French Filet – very slender 7” round green beans, long & stringless
Rocdor Yellow Wax – early & productive, meaty firm texture, deep yellow color
Royal Burgundy Bush – 5” dark purple pods turn green when cooked

Premium Crop Broccoli – broad heads, excellent garden variety
Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts – firm oval sprouts 1” across, early yields in cool season
All Season Blend Cabbage – mixture of several different varieties
Cardoon – P, 6’ Ht., Sun, silver-toothed leaves, young blanched stalks edible

Amazing – late season, white heads, dense curds
Snow Crown – 7-8” heads, pure white, sweet and mild flavor

Utah Green Celery – tall, green, compact heads on 11” stalks
Five Color Silverbeet Chard HL, colors of red, orange, pink, white, yellow
Collard Greens – dark blue green with long wavy broad tender leaves, compact habit

Fleet Bi-Color – early sugar enhanced variety
Silver Queen White – late maturing white corn with creamy sweet flavor
Sugar Buns Yellow – sugar enhanced hybrid, with melts in your mouth tenderness

Armenian – pale green color, thin ribbed skin, very mild
Boothby’s BlondeHL, creamy yellow, crisp sweet flavor, heavy producer
English Hybrid – crisp, sweet bright green, small/few seeds, burpless
General LeeHL, large yields of straight dark green slicers, sweet salad flavor
Little Leaf Pickling – compact vine, blocky medium length fruit for fresh eating/pickling
Lemon Cucumber – small, rounded, yellow, lemon-like cukes, excellent in salads, sandwiches
Miniature White – small yellowish-white eating cukes, sweet flavor

Black Beauty – classic big-fruited black eggplant, well shaped
Orient Express – slender 8-10” long glossy black fruits

Red Russian
– purple stems, tooth-edged deep grey-green leaves
Toscano/Lacinato HL, dark green, blistered leaves

– mild, sweet onion flavor, great in soups or sliced on salads.

Gourmet Blend
– a variety of leaf lettuces that are edible at any stage
Mottistone – wavy, baby leaf lettuce of green with red splashes
Red Sails – loose-leaf variety, crinkled bronze-red leaves
Romaine – tall, dark green, smooth ribs, great for Caesar salad

Walla Walla
– large globe shaped yellow onion, mild flavor

Green Arrow
– shelling variety, heavy yields of slim straight pods, 28” vines
Oregon Giant – snow pea variety, sweet flavored large pods, 2-3’ vines
Sugar Snap – snap variety, 6’ vines with 3” pods, long harvest period

Big Max – 10-18 lbs. great for carving
Rouge Vif D’EtampsHL, bright red, flat shape, very sweet flesh

Crimson Red
– bright red tender stalks, good balance of seet & tart

Olympia Spinach– dark green leaves, slow to bolt, very productive

Summer Squash
Magda - Mid-east, blocky tapered fruit, sweet nutty flavor, best when picked small
Ronde de Nice ZucchiniHL, round light green fruits with creamy, nutty flavor
Spineless Beauty Zucchini – few or no spines on stems, medium green fruit
Sunburst Patty Pan – bright deep yellow skin with scalloped edges
Sunray Straightneck – bright yellow, tender “straightneck” fruits
Yellow Crookneck – yellow, slightly bumpy skin, best when picked small
Zephyr – Slender yellow fruits with green blossom ends, nutty taste, firm texture

Squash, Winter
Amish PieHL, firm, moist flesh for pies, pale orange flesh, 60-80 lbs.
Delicata – 7-9” long cream with green stripe, sweet orange flesh, excellent baked/stuffed
Gold HubbardHL, hard-skinned, deep orange fruit, 8-12 lbs., dry, sweet flesh
Spaghetti  - tan, tasty spaghetti-like pulp when cooked
Sweet Meat – large dark green-grey fruit, good winter storage, sweet flavor
Table Ace Acorn – dark green fruit, golden flesh, good winter storage
Waltham Butternut – light tan skin, small seed cavities, smooth, sweet flesh

Tomatillo Toma Verde – round green fruits in a papery husk used in Mexican dishes



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