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2013 Herbs/Perennials/Hostas

P – Perennial                                 TP – Tender Perennial                   HP – Hardy Perennial

SP – Spreading Perennial             A – Annual                                     PV – Perennial Vine

EP – Evergreen Perennial             B - Biennial

Agrimony P, 5’ Ht., Light Shade, stems covered in fine silky down, yellow flowers
Aloe VeraTP, 2-4’ Ht., Sun, tubular yellow-orange flowers, overwinter indoors
AngelicaP, 1-3’ Ht., Sun, large bipinnate leaves, large umbrels of greenish white flowers
Anise HyssopP, 3-4’ Ht., Sun, dense spikes of indigo-violet to blue flowers
Arnica American P, 1-2’ Ht., Sun, small yellow daisy-like flowers, hairy leaves
Aztec Sweet HerbTP, 8” Ht., Sun/shade, low creeper, used as sugar substitute

Fino Verde
A, 12-15” Ht., Sun, abundant, fine-leaved, grows in clusters
Genovese A, 18-24” Ht., Sun, large leaf variety excellent for Pesto
Genovese CompattoA, 12-18” Ht., Sun, compact variety of Genovese
LimeA, 20-26” Ht., Sun, citrus scent & flavor with dark green leaves
Mrs. Burns Lemon A, 3’ Ht., Sun, large leaves, lemon scent & flavor
NufarA, 18-24” Ht., Sun, Genovese-type, specially bred to resist fusarium wilt
ThaiA, Sun, anise/licorice scent & flavor for Asian cuisine

Bay LaurelPT, 40’ Ht., Sun, true culinary bay, leaves used in cooking
BorageA, 1-3’ Ht., Sun, bright blue edible flowers, mild cucumber flavor
Borage, White A, 1-3’ Ht., Sun, white flowers
Catmint, Walker’s LowHP, 10-12” Ht., Sun, purple flowers throughout the summer
CatnipP, 2-5’ Ht., Sun, cats love the leaves & flowers, lavender white flowers
Catnip, Lemon P, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, lemon scent, makes great tea, good bee plant, cats love it
ChivesP, 10-15” Ht., Sun, mild onion flavor, pink flower heads are also edible
Chives, GarlicP, 24-30” Ht., Sun, flat leaves, flavor mix of onion and garlic, white flowers
CilantroA, 18” Ht., Sun, A, 18” Ht., Sun, leaves and seeds used in Mexican cooking
Cohosh, BlackP, 3-6’ Ht., Shade, North American native, white flowers, medicinal roots
Coriander, VietnameseHP, 1’ Ht., Sun, tender stems used in Asian cuisine
Dill A, 48” Ht., Sun, blue green feathery foliage before forming seed heads

Narrow-LeavedP, 8-18” Ht., Sun, narrow leaves, pink-purple petals
Pale Purple P, 12-30” Ht., Sun, long drooping pink petals
Purple P, 3’ Ht., Sun, rosy red flowers, dark center
TennesseeP, 12-24” Ht., Sun, upturned purple flowers
YellowP, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, yellow flower, dark center

EpazoteA, 4’ Ht., Sun, lanky, strongly scented leaves for seasoning Mexican bean dishes
Fo-Ti (He-Shou-Wu) – PV, 30’, Sun, very invasive Chinese medicinal herb
GermanderEP, 1’ Ht., Sun, used for knot gardens and borders, pink flowers
Ginkgo Tree HT, 30’ Ht., Sun, fan shaped leaves turn gold in the fall
HorseradishP, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, 5’ Ht., Sun, long white tap root
Jewels Of OparTP, loose spikes of pink flowers followed by red berries
Lady’s MantleP, 9-18” Ht., Sun, textured, scalloped leaves, light green flowers

Betty’s BlueP, 20-24” Ht., Sun, compact gray mound, dark purple flowers
Blue StarP, 20” Ht., Sun, compact growth, violet blue flowers
Dilly DillyP, 18-24” Ht., Sun, compact plant, fragrant deep violet-blue flowers
Dwarf BlueP, 12” Ht., Sun, violet blue flowers
Fred BoutinHP, 20” Ht., Sun, silver foliage, compact variety, violet flowers
Green FrenchTP, 1-3’ Ht., Sun, finely toothed leaves, lavender-purple blooms
Goodwin CreekP, 20-24” Ht., Sun, indented, fuzzy silver-grey leaves, purple flower
Grosso P, 24-30” Ht., Sun, silver foliage, 12-14” spikes of violet flowers
Hidcote Blue P, 18-24” Ht., Sun, filver grey foliage, dark purple fragrant flowers
Hidcote PinkP, 12” Ht., Sun, semi-dwarf plant, lilac-pink flowers
Linda LigonTP, 24-36” Ht., Sun, variegated form of French lavender
Lisa MarieP, 18” Ht., Sun, silver gray-green leaves, blue violet flowers
Martha RoderickP, 18” Ht., Sun, fragrant gray green foliage, soft lavender flowers
MiddachtenP, 18-20” Ht., Sun, fragrant violet blue flowers, compact plant
MunsteadP, 12” Ht., Sun, fragrant compact plant, lilac flowers
Otto QuastHP, 24” Ht., Sun, large purple bracts top off pinecone-like flowers
PinnataTP, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, fernlike foliage, purple flowers
Potpourri White P, 12” Ht., Sun, grey green foliage, dense  large white flowers
ProvenceP, 2’ Ht., Sun, very fragrant mauve flowers with long flower spikes
Vicenza Blue P, 16-24” Ht., Sun, deep purple flowers, finely cut silver foliage

Lemon BalmP, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, citronella scented, good lemon flavor for teas
Lemon GrassTP, 18-24” Ht., Sun, lemon-scented grass, base used in Thai cooking
Lemon VerbenaTP, 4-6’ Ht., Sun, long green leaves, lemon flavor & fragrance, white flower
Lion’s Tail/Wild DaggaP, 3-6’ Ht., Sun, orange flower spikes
Lovage - P, 5-6’ Ht., Sun/Shade, dark green leaves tastes like celery, use in soups
Marjoram, SweetP, 10-12” Ht., Sun, milder flavor than oregano

Chocolate Peppermint
P, 18” Ht., Shade, peppermint scent with a hint of chocolate flavor
French PeppermintP, 28” Ht., Shade, wonderful flavor for cooking/baking
Grapefruit P, 18-24” Ht., Shade, spearmint flavor with a strong grapefruit overtone
ulia’s Sweet Citrus P, 1-2’ Ht., Shade, citrus aroma/flavor
Kentucky ColonelP, 1-2’ Ht., Shade, refreshing taste and fragrance
Moroccan P, 18” Ht., Shade, used in the mid-east to flavor tea
Orange P, 18-24” Ht., Shade, hint of citrus in the fragrance, darker leaves
PineappleP, 18-24” Ht., Shade, gray green leaves with white streaks, sweet & fruity
SpearmintP, 12” Ht., Shade, crisp dark leaves, excellent in teas, sauces, juleps

Montana White Sage (Artemesia) – P, 2’ Ht., Sun, silvery foliage, white flowers

HP, 10” Ht., Sun, dense, compact plant with mounding habit, purple flowers
Dwarf Greek P, 2” Ht., Sun, compact spreading herb, pinkish white flowers
Golden P, 6” Ht., Sun, aromatic golden foliage, pink flowers
Greek P, 12-18” Ht., Sun, excellent flavor, purple to white flowers
Hot & Spicy P, 18” Ht., Sun, hot & spicy flavor, purple/red flower
ItalianTP, 24” Ht, Sun, very productive, delicately flavored
Kent BeautyTP, 8” Ht., Sun, trailing branches, pink flowers, bitter flavor]

Parsley, Italian B, 18” Ht., Sun, dark green glossy leaves, strong flavor
Ramie/Chinese Silk PlantTP, 2’ Ht., Sun, coarse, textured dark green leaves

EP, 3’ Ht., Sun, one of the hardiest varieties, upright growth
Blue SpireEP, 3’ Ht., Sun, upright strong growth, bright blue flowers
CreepingP, 1’ ht., Sun, best in rockery or covering a wall
Gold DustEP, 24-36” Ht., Sun, narrow leaves of bright green & gold, blue flowers
Madeline HillEP, 24-36” Ht., Sun, excellent culinary flavor, blue flowers
Spice IslandEP, 3’ Ht., Sun, thick, sturdy, dark green foliage, good flavor
Tuscan Blue EP, 4’ Ht., Sun, excellent flavor, blue flowers

P, 18” Ht., Sun, large leaves, compact plant, excellent culinary variety
Fruit TP, 2-4’ Ht., Sun, fabulous fruity scent, fuzzy leaves, pink flowers
GardenP, 18-24” Ht., Sun, standard culinary variety, drought tolerant
GoldenP, 18-24” Ht., Sun, yellow and green leaves, lavender blue flowers
Honeydew MelonTP, 3’ Ht., Sun, distinct melon fragrance, red flowers
PineappleTP, 30-36” Ht., Sun, pineapple flavor & aroma, scarlet flowers
TangerineTP, 4-6’ Ht., Sun, rounded leaves, citrus overtones, red flowers
TricolorP, 18-24” Ht., Sun, leaves of cream, purple and pink, with lavender flowers
White SacredTP, 3-8’ Ht., Sun, Southwest native known for its aromatic leaves

Dwarf Winter
- SP, 4” Ht., Sun
SummerA, 12” Ht., Sun, delicate flavor for beans, peas, violet flowers
WinterP, 6-12” Ht., Sun, strong flavor for soups, meat, good border plant

Solomon’s Seal, Variegated – P, 2-3’ Ht., Shade, soft green leaves edged in white
Southernwood, LemonP, 3-4’ Ht., Sun, ferny grey green, citrus scented leaves, tiny yellow flowers
Sweet WoodruffP, 6-8” Ht., Shade, vanilla scented leaves, white flowers
Tarragon, FrenchP, 2’ Ht., Sun, slender stems of bright green, anise scented leaves

Archer’s Gold
P, 2” Ht., Sun, bright gold leaves, citrus aroma, pink flowers
Compact P, 4” Ht., Sun, light grey-green leaves on compact plant
Doone ValleyP, 2” Ht., Sun, prostrate, green & gold foliage
Dot WellsHP, 12” Ht., Sun, narrow-leaved culinary variety
English P, 8-12” Ht., Sun, standard variety growth for culinary usage
English Wedgewood P, 8” Ht., Sun, mounding culinary thyme
FrenchP, 1’ Ht., Sun, very narrow leaves, sweeter flavor than English Thyme
Golden LemonP, 6” Ht., Sun, green leaves with yellow edges, lemon aroma/flavor
Lime P, 8” Ht., Sun, light green leaves, excellent  culinary flavor

ValerianP, 3-5’ Ht., Sun/Shade, green leaves grow in pairs, root has fetid smell

Bleeding Heart P, 18-30” Ht., Shade, rose and white flowers beginning in April
Bleeding Heart Alba P, 18-30” Ht., Shade, white flowers
Daylily Chocolate CandyP, 24-30” Ht., Sun, deep chocolate purple, maroon edges
Dragon ArumP, 36” Ht., Sun/Shade, dark purple-brown calla-like blossom

Double DeckerP, 40” Ht., Sun, bright carmine red daisylike flowers, brown cone
MagnusP, 36” Ht., Sun, bright rose purple flowers with orange center cone
White Swan P, 3’ Ht., Sun, white daisy-like flowers, brown centers

English Daisy Galaxy MixP, 4” Ht., Sun, low growing daisy-like blooms of pink, red or white

Blue MetallicP, 12-18” Ht., Part Shade, large, silvery-purple flowers
Pink Spotted LadyP, 12-18” Ht., Part Shade, upright red spotted pink flowers
Red LadyP, 12-18” Ht., Part Shade, deep pink to red shades of round flowers

Bill Brincka
P, 18-28” Ht., Shade, medium green flat leaf with creamy yellow margin
Bressingham Blue P, 30” Ht., Shade wide cup shaped leaves of deep blue-green
Brim CupP, 30-36” Ht., Shade, dark green leaves with pale cream edging
BumblebeeP, 19” Ht., Shade, heavily corrugated rich gold leaves, white flowers
CatherineP, 30” Ht., Shade, golden yellow oblate leaves with blue-grey margins
Dreamweaver P, 10-14” Ht, Shade, large crinkled leaves, gold centers, green edges
Earth AngelP, 36” Ht., Shade, blue green leaves, yellow margin, white flowers
Elegans P, 24-30” Ht., Shade, blue green leaves, white flowers
First FrostP, 10-18” Ht., Shade, blue-green leaf with creamy yellow margins
Frances WilliamsP, 20-24” Ht., Shade, lavender flowers
Frozen Margarita P, 18” Ht., Shade, leaves greenish yellow with white margin
Knock OutP, 24-28” Ht., Shade, medium green leaves with pale yellow edge
London FogP, 12” Ht., Shade, leaves are white with green speckling, lavender flowers
PatriotP, 12” Ht., Shade, dark green leaves with broad white margin, lilac flowers
Sum and SubstanceP, 24-36”, Shade, lavender flowers
Summer MusicP, 10-18” Ht., Shade, wavy creamy leaf with green margin, lavender flower
TwilightP, 20” Ht., Shade, dark green leaves, light gold margin, lavender flowers
Wide BrimP, 30” Ht., Shade, lavender flowers

Houttuyia P, 6-12” Ht., Sun-Shade, groundcover with heart-shaped green leaves
Houttuynia  Chameleon P, 6-12” Ht., Sun-Shade, leaves of cream, pink, yellow and red
Jasmine, Rose/PerfumePV, 3-10’ Ht.,  Sun, red flower buds open to creamy white, strong scent

Blue Stockings
P, 30-36” Ht, Sun, lavender flowers
Jacob ClineP, 30-36” Ht., Sun, red scarlet flowers attract hummingbirds
Raspberry WineP, 30-42” Ht., Sun, raspberry hued buds followed by wine-red flowers

Bowl Of Beauty
P, 26-36” Ht., Sun, rich pink flowers with ivory center
Buckeye BelleP, 2-3’ Ht., Sun, semi-double red flowers
Bunker Hill P, 30-32” Ht., Sun, double deep pink blooms
Edulis Superba P, 30-36” Ht., Sun, double rose flowers
Felix SupremeP, 30-36” Ht., Sun, large red flowers
Festiva MaximaP, 30-36” Ht., Sun, double white flowers
Sarah Bernhardt P, 30-36” Ht., Sun, double rose pink flowers
Sorbet P, 30-36” Ht., Sun, double pink flowers

Poker PlantP, 2-4’, Sun, yellow to red flowers
Poker Plant, Green Jade P, 2-4’ Ht., Sun, pale green flowers
Sage, Firebrand – TP, 6’ Ht., Sun, incredible red-orange flower spikes that hummingbirds love

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